Transvestigation: Difference Between Man & Woman

I'm going to show you how to tell the difference between a man and a woman so that you can do your own transvestigatations.

- Pronounced brow ridge
- Adam’s apple
- Brow bossing (thickening of the brow)
- Square jaw line from the side
- Wide jaw from the front
- Shoulder is x3 of face width
- Square shoulders
- Waist indent point below belly button
- Armpits to hipjoint straight down triangle
- Spectoral muscle square shaped
- Wide neck
- Ring finger longer than index finger\

- Soft brow ridge
- Round jaw line
- Shoulder is x2.5 of face width
- Slanted shoulders
- Waist indent point above belly button
- Armpits to hipjoint hourglass
- Spectoral muscle round
- Narrow neck
- Ring finger shorter than index finger