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This book's content is now part my health course: Self Doctoring

What if I told you that it’s impossible to get sick from viruses or bacteria? What if I told you that the medical establishment deliberately lies about the causes of illness in order to sell more drugs? This book will delve so deeply into these topics that it may leave you feeling overwhelmed. You might find yourself feeling sad, disappointed, embittered or even angered by what you discover. Feeling unsettled when encountering new information that challenges existing belief systems is normal. However, the truth is the only way that leads to health.

"I helped Barnaby with a proof read of this book. It is brilliantly done. Well laid out in perfect sequence. Much research and dedicated time has gone into the creation of this book by the author. Every chapter and all information is eloquently backed up with an extensive range of websites, links, articles and quotes.

It is ultimately a reference of actual proven world domination and control, along side Barnaby's investigative skills, to create what will be a very historical book in times to come.

Congratulations my friend! Great job!"

— Bari Duncan

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