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THE GREAT COVID HOAX With Jeffrey Daugherty

THE GREAT COVID HOAX With Jeffrey Daugherty

Watch me and Jeffrey Daugherty AKA The Christian Whistleblower talk about my book THE GREAT COVID HOAX and topics such as as living in Mexico, 5G and more.

Sneak peak

Jeff: So if you've been following me for a while, I think it's been 2 years, 3 years, maybe even a little bit more since we've talked to mister Nagy, our guest tonight. We talked to him it's been a while and I think we talked about, Tartaria back then. But he's back with us tonight, and he's written a book, and he's got a lot of things going.

Jeff: So we wanna talk to him about that. And it's nice to have somebody in. We don't have a lot of guests because, well, to be honest with you, not a lot of people are all that interesting, but some of you will remember him, and to the others, allow me to introduce you. Cynthia says it's probably been 4 years. Let me introduce you to Barnaby Nagy who joins us here tonight.

Jeff: How long has it been since you've been with me? It was probably around 2 or 3 years, I guess. Yeah. It's been a while. I remember when you came on, we talked about Tartaria. Right? That's right. Yeah. We we had 2 shows. Yeah. Oh, that's right. Tartaria, one was, the the hidden 1000 years. That's right. I think you're going to turn me on to that, and I am 100% convinced that they've had a 1000 years added to history.

Jeff: Now the last time we talked, you were living in Europe. Right? Yep. That's right. Now you're not living in Europe and you've had quite a track. You've had quite an adventure. And I just we wanna talk about your book. We wanna talk about whatever you wanna talk about. But could you maybe just spend a little time and talk about your journey over the past 2 or 3 years from when you were there in Europe? Now you're somewhere much nicer and much warmer, and I think that you probably experienced some things and learned some things along the way. Just talk to us a little bit, if you would, about your journey and about some of the things that you've learned.

Barnaby: Oh, yeah. Sure. Well, first of all, thanks for having me again. And, yeah, I when this this whole COVID nonsense started, I was going to try to find my place. I was going through a divorce. I got divorced, and I was, you know, looking around what to do in my life, basically. And I went to do a couple of different, workaway works in Hungary, and then I went to Portugal.

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