Patreon Purge, The END Of Free Speech

Patreon deleted his account in a snap! I wanted to know more... Why would someone who earns that much on Patreon delete their account? So I found two more videos of his where he explains the reason behind leaving Patreon. Patreon acting like Big Brother or Surveillance Mother banned Sargon of Akkad from their platform for saying the word "Nigga" and "Faggot". Although I don't think it's a good idea to offend people with words like this, he wasn't using these words towards the groups they are usually intended to offend. He was using against white supremacists trying to make them understand their own stupidity. He was obviously using sarcasm. He wasn't even doing this on Patreon, not even on his own YouTube channel... He said this on a live stream of another YouTube channel! Patreon's Surveillance Mother found it and banned Sargon. Their team of 17 actively monitor what the creators say elsewhere on the internet. Give me a break. I'm out!