Panama Canal & Suez Canal Already Built in 1587 & Antarctica Populated

One of my commenters shared with me the largest early world map by Urbano Monte. What I found on the map was mind-blowing! I found the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal on this 1587 map! In the book titled Mundus Subterranus, I show further proof that both the Suez Canal and the Panama canal were operational. In the same book, I also show a map with Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean. I propose that this continent is still there, perhaps even populated we are just not allowed to see it. Flights are not going through the Atlantic ocean, rather they route through Canada to Europe or Asia. The Content could also be submerged just as Zealandia. There are some maps showing underground channels connecting the Balck Sea, the Caspian Sea, and the Persian Sea. Sicily also has an underground channel that can’t be seen on Google Maps. The Panama Canal according to Wikipedia the Panama canal was opened in 1914 even though they admit there were early proposal to build the canal in 1534 by the King of Spain.