Feminism is Cancer Of Society By the Rockefellers (Aaron Russo Film)

The feminist movement is nothing less than a social movement created by the Rockefellers to destabilize society. When the nuclear family is broken they can do whatever they want with us. Why? Because a broken family will not provide the right nurturing environment for children to become normal adults. When mommy is not at home but at work the child is programmed by an external force, the public school system. The Rockefellers created that as well to educate people how to become mindless slaves in their corporate jobs. Both feminism and the MGTOW has to stop if we want to stop the decay of society. We need to unite and not let the divide and conquer agenda take its toll. Single motherhood creates gays and transgenders as mothers can’t teach boys how to become men. And so this is the perfect depopulation tactic for them. Let’s stop the parasites and let us embrace who we are, men or women.