Fake History of Australia 1: Cities Ready For The Settlers & Mud Flood

Maps of Australia show that the land was already known and occupied before the first settlers arrived. Lots of contradicting dates in the historical timeline prove the settlement was rather a re-settlement of the already built up and aged cities of Australia. The architectural precision and style clearly prove that a technologically advanced civilization built those buildings, not new settlers.


  1. St John's Church Parramatta
  2. St Matthew's Church Windsor
  3. 10. St Mary's Cathedral
  4. St Mary's from Domain' RAHS/Osborne Collection
  5. Church Street, Parramatta, NSW
  6. Howick Street, Bathurst in 1871
  7. Aboard the training ship 'Vernon' for homeless boys - The sewing lesson - 1869 - John Sharkey
  8. St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
  9. Interior during a Mass in 2009
  10. The chancel window depicts a vision of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary enthroned in Heaven. Jason7825 - Own work
  11. Carvings around the transept portal include Australian flora
  12. The sanctuary prepared for a service
  13. Western transept rose window rising behind organ pipes
  14. The pipe organ and rose window in the western transept (CC)
  15. 2. Art Gallery of NSW 1Art Gallery of New South WalesArt Gallery of New South Wales Sydney with Hermitage Exhibition banners, November 2018.Vernon stonework (CC)
  16. 6. Government House, Sydney, NSWGovernment House Sydney (1857/1858) Matthew Fortescue MoresbyGovernment House, Sydney, Australia (CC)
  17. The General Post Office, Martin Place, SydneyGeneral Post Office, Sydney - WikipediaGeneral Post Office, Sydney (CC)
  18. Queen Victoria supported by classical allegories over the main entrance.
  19. Example of the 'realistic' Pitt Street Carvings by Tomaso Sani.
  20. Example of the established Classical allegorical figures used on the spandrels of the George Street façade.
  21. Commencement of construction on Vernon's French mansard roof additions, c. 1898.
  22. Polishing the granite columns for the Sydney GPO.
  23. Tower and hall of the University of SydneyUniversity of Sydney
  24. The University of Sydney in the early 1870s, viewed from Parramatta Road
  25. The Main Quadrangle in its complete form as seen today (CC)
  26. The MacLaurin Hall (CC)The Great Tower (completed 1862) is on the eastern side of the Main Quadrangle (CC)
  27. The Main Quadrangle of the University of Sydney (CC)
  28. Town Hall, Sydney, NSWSydney Town HallThe Centennial Hall with the grand organ
  29. Sydney Town Hall domed ceilingSydney Town Hall, Australia - Side (CC)
  30. Sydney Town Hall as it appeared in the early 1900s facing north
  31. Town Hall House google maps
  32. St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, NSW
  33. St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney - Wikipedia
  34. St. Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, arch. Edmund Blacket 1868, western towers (CC)
  35. The west front demonstrates Blacket's mastery of Gothic design (CC)
  36. Looking east during the restoration of 2000, with scaffolding in front of the east window
  37. St. Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, across the nave