Fake History of America 3: Grand Canyon Reset Pyramids, Ancient DEW

What if the Grand Canyon is the result of a grand civilization reset and not carved by the Colorado River in Billions of years? What if other ancient cave dwellings are showing us proof of the previous mod flood reset?


  1. Mind Blowing Hidden Cave in the Grand Canyon
    Did the Smithsonian cover up an Ancient Egyptian Colony in the Grand Canyon?
  2. The Location of Kincaid's cave revealed
  3. Nankoweap Granaries and Colorado River (CC)
  4. Grand Canyon Flickr (CC)
  5. Tony Hisgett Grand Canyon 9 (CC)
  6. Grand Canyon - 2014 (CC)
  7. Grand Canyon> (CC)
  8. Grand Canyon, AZ (CC)
  9. Grand Canyon 25 (CC)
    Grand Canyon - 2014 - 2 (CC)
  10. Grand Canyon - South Rim - Summer 2014 (CC)
  11. The Grand Canyon steep-sided canyon
  12. Grand Canyon National Park
  13. Grand Canyon National Park UNESCO
  14. Grand Canyon Vista
  15. The Grand Canyon.Arizona.
  16. The Grand Canyon (37)
  17. The Grand Canyon (9)
  18. Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona
  19. Stefan Serena Grand Canyon
  20. Grand Canyon West Rim River
  21. Grand Canyon J
  22. Grand Canyon DSC_0730
  23. Grand Canyon
  24. Deborah Lee Soltesz Grand Canyon North Rim
  25. Grand Canyon Stefan
  26. The Grand Canyon. South Rim.
  27. Walls of the Grand CañonUnidentified plant specimen, in the Grand Canyon
  28. Rare MapMesa Verde National Park
  29. Cliff Palace
  30. Archaic pictographs, c. 2500 BCE, Sego Canyon, Utah (CC)
  31. Square Tower House (CC)
  32. Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park (CC)
  33. Oak Tree House (CC)
  34. The Sun Temple at Mesa Verde (CC)
  35. Mesa Verde black-on-white (CC)
  36. Mesa Verde's Petroglyph Point (CC)
  37. Spruce Tree House (CC)
  38. Cliff Palace in 1891, by Gustaf Nordenskiöld
  39. Mesa Verde National Park, 1917
  40. Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde (CC)
  41. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
  42. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, New Mexico, USA.
  43. Cliffs of the Gila Wilderness
  44. Gila Cliff Dwelling (CC)
  45. Looking out from one of the cave dwellings
  46. T-shaped doorway, common in precontact Southwestern stacked stone buildings (CC)
  47. Montezuma Castle National Monument
  48. Montezuma´s castle in Arizona (CC)
  49. A close-up view of the Castle (CC)
  50. Montezuma's Castle near Camp Verde, Arizona, ca.1893-1900
  51. Historic view of Montezuma Castle, 1887
  52. Montezuma Castle, c. 1935
  53. The cliff dwellings at Montezuma Castle National Monument (CC)
  54. Tonto National Monument
  55. Lower Cliff Dwelling and desert habitat (CC)
  56. Salado Polychrome pottery from Tonto National Monument
  57. Tonto National Monument, AZ, Room detail (CC)
  58. Tonto National Monument, AZ, room detail 2 (CC)
  59. Tonto National Monument, AZ, room detail 3 (CC)
  60. Tonto National Monument, AZ, Room detail 4 (CC)
  61. Tonto National Monument, AZ, looking west (CC)
  62. Tonto National Monument, AZ, looking along west face (CC)
  63. Wupatki National Monument
  64. This is an image of a place or building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (CC)
  65. Wupatki National Monument (CC)
  66. Wupatki Ruin Paronama (CC)
  67. Wupatki Ruin Ball Court
  68. Wupatki Pueblo (CC)
  69. Bears Ears National Monument
  70. Day Time in Indian Creek - the Sixshooter Peaks in Bears Ears National Monument
  71. Monarch Cave Ruin, a cliff dwelling on Comb Ridge (CC)
  72. House on Fire Ruin, in upper Mule Canyon on Comb Ridge (CC)
  73. Mountains and desert off Route 95 in the southern part of the monument (CC)
  74. Valley of the Gods
  75. Indian Creek area at sunset
  76. Indian Creek and the Sixshooter Peaks