Fake History of America 1: Christopher Colombus Hoax & Mud Flood

As the false historical narrative goes, it was Christopher Colombus who discovered America in 1492. Yet, I show you proof that Plato, a Greek philosopher knew about America. Colombus is a hoax, a lie, a fairy tale! It turns out that America was part of the Tartarian empire, and many ancient "colonial style", "Greco-roman" architecture seems to prove this. There is also clear evidence of the worldwide flood/mud flood leaving for us to see windows below ground level and other odd anomalies. All those intricate details are not used in our modern architecture that we find on these Tartarian buildings. We are witnessing ridiculous re-purposing of buildings, such as a nice Tartarian building designated to be a hospital for the "mentally ill". We also discover, how these people were actually not mentally ill but were people who had free thought and thus were censored by the evil government - just like it's done today. Free speech and free thought are not allowed and they can put you into jail without a trial!