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Are You Sick And Tired Enough?

Are You Sick And Tired Enough?
"When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result."

Deepak Chopra


You need to be at a breaking point to take action — There is no way around this. If you're not sick and tired of the cycles you're running ill, this course isn't for you. If you're looking for a miracle pill or supplement that you can take without active learning and taking charge of your health this course isn't for you either. Nor it is for you if you're looking for some one-off expensive retreat that will heal all your ailments once and for all. This course is for you, if you are fed up being sick, and want to learn the root causes of falling ill, you want to save time and money, without relying on expensive medications and doctor's bills. This is for you if you have the faith in you that you're carved out for more than feeling sickly all the time and will take educated and responsible action.

The only reason for any disease is being out of balance with nature. And nature will teach you a lesson if you dare to mess with it. This course is not for you if you want to continue an unhealthy lifestyle and expect to be healthy. This is not a course for you either if you think you can take some toxic pill from the pharmaceutic industry and expect to be healthy. This course is for you if you want to find your way back to be in balance with nature and live in harmony with it.

The root causes and the layers of illness can be interconnected so it's important to look at health from a holistic point of view rather than looking at isolated symptoms. This course is not for you if you think you can just look at a symptom and you'll find a quick fix. This course teaches you how to be true to yourself, listen to your intuition and find the real root cause of your illness. It is designed for those people who are not afraid to take time in introspection and ponder about all related and interconnected causes for their ailments.

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